Microsoft’s Office 365 Installations Are Exploding





The U.S. vs. Latin America

In countries like the U.S. and some other developed countries bandwidth is not an issue. But in almost all Latin American countries connection speeds could prove problematic and make the switch to Office 365 unadvisable (see chart below).

For simple email messages in small companies it may not matter but in large enterprises or companies that send lots of emails with attachments switching from an internal network to the Internet could impact productivity and invalidate the value of the move.

Akamai state of the Internet 2016

Source: Akamai state of the Internet 2016

The Takeaway

There are numerous advantages to migrating to Microsoft’s Office 365.

The pros and cons must be carefully weighed so that there are no surprises once the migration has begun in earnest. Small business owners and IT executives, working with their audit, regulatory and security teams should create a list of criteria.

This required and associated weighting factors as a first step and then evaluate whether or not a move to Office 365 is desirable. In small businesses and large organizations IT executives should communicate with the line of business executives of the plans so that they understand the process and risk exposures of using CSPs and can provide input.

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Cal Braunstein
Cal Braunstein
Mr. Braunstein serves as Chairman/CEO and Executive Director of Research at the Robert Frances Group (RFG). In addition to his corporate role, he helps his clients wrestle with a range of business, management, regulatory, and technology issues.  He has deep and broad experience in business strategy management, business process management, enterprise systems architecture, financing, mission-critical systems, project and portfolio management, procurement, risk management, sustainability, and vendor management. Cal also chaired a Business Operational Risk Council whose membership consisted of a number of top global financial institutions. Website

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