MBDA InVision Tour

Technology transfer (T2) is the process of by which existing knowledge, facilities, or capabilities developed under federal R&D funding are utilized to fulfill public and private needs. A large majority of the products that we depend on today have been made available for our purchase and utilization by way of tech transfer processes.

A national effort to increase participation of minority business enterprises and minority-serving institutions in T2 and expand opportunities to develop solutions and products of the future, the mission of the InVision Tour is to inform U.S. minorities about the benefits of T2. Through federal government collaboration, minority entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, pioneers, thinkers, inventors, and visionaries with their next big idea can learn about technology transfer and how public R&D access can lead to building wealth for their company, community, and the country.

The InVision Tour is for you…

·       If you currently have an idea or invention that you want to bring to market,

·       If you have the infrastructure and resources to fund a new innovative invention,

·       If you need access to R&D labs, human capital, facility space, patent attorneys, access to ideas, and more!

Do you identify as an Innovator or Industrialist?


·       Grass Roots Inventors

·       Agriculturalists

·       Chemists

·       Engineers

·       Manufacturers

·       Academic Professors & Administrators

·       Scientists

·       Energy, Technology & IT Professionals

·       College & University Students


·       Entrepreneurs

·       Small Business Owners

·       Partnerships

·       Collectives

·       LLC’s

·       Co-Ops

·       Investors

·       Thrill Seekers Looking to Launch Innovation Start-Ups

Why Should You Attend?


·       10+ peer-selected presentations from T2 experts.

·       Gain the knowledge you need to move forward commercializing public innovations.

Access To New Innovations!

·       10+ local labs in one place, at one time.

·       See what innovations you could be using to commercialize.

Get To Know Others Like You!

·       200+ professionals and entrepreneurs.

·       Network and build essential partnerships.

Register Today!

Atlanta, GA
December 6-7, 2018
Register Today

Georgia Tech Research Institute
Conference Auditorium
250 14th Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30318


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