The Lorena Ochoa Golf Foundation

Founded on the premise that Ms. Ochoas own success and happiness are due in no small part to her full and balanced childhood, the Lorena Ochoa Golf Foundation (LOGF) seeks to impart life lessons about health, education and family values.

The initiative includes a mobile golf operation designed to introduce people to the sport in non-golf settings, such as youth soccer tournaments, schools and street fairs.

PGA of America is an official partner, and PGA and LPGA golf professionals staff public LOGF events. The PGA has committed $50,000 to the foundation over a two-year period.

LOGF mobile golf participants are then invited to Lorena Ochoa Golf Foundation partner golf courses, where they can enjoy golf, fitness, and education programs, including computer training.

Golf can provide a fun and healthy environment for the whole family, according to LOGF Executive Director Jason Taylor, who also serves as president of the Southern California PGA Section. “What other sport can children play side by side with their parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents? Building a strong family bond is a goal of LOGF and an important part of a happy and healthy life,” he explained.

The Presidents Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition also is a foundation partner.

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