Limited Budget Marketing Essentials


But, this ad also has several key drawbacks:



  • No email –this will cut down the number of responses and adds a ton of extra cost because while an email takes about a minute for the company to read, put the information in a database and in a list, a phone call takes several minutes to process.
  • The offer is really vague and lacks credibility: “bring this ad to receive a discount on any kitchen”. Really? Of how much? 10%, 20%, 80%? And how do I know that you won’t just increase the price to then reduce it by the discounted amount? After all, kitchens have to be custom-made and you won’t know the cost until Kitchen Prospect can come in, measure, talk to you, etc.In general, the more specific an offer the more credible it is. Consumers, and especially high end consumers, are jaded, intelligent and distrustful.

2. Postcards

Another –parallel—route could be to mail postcards to all homes within a designated area. For example, 33146. Postcards typically cost anywhere from $0.25 to $1.20 depending on where you print them and your timetable. If you can schedule it for a 2-week delivery, you can get beautiful quality postcards for $0.25. However, to that you need to add postage ($0.39) and naturally your time or your agency’s time in creating it. If you follow the DIY route, fixing 1,000 labels on postcards is not fun. If you get the printer to do it, it is an extra cost (well worth it, by the way). So, here’s how a complete mailing might look like:


click to enlarge chart

So, for you to make a profit (at least on the hard costs) you have to get a response of at least 0.2% AND close at least 3% of those who respond.

While the numbers might look daunting, the huge popularity of postcards underscores their ability to get results quickly.

Next time we’ll talk about remarketing and boosting your performance.

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Marcelo Salup
Marcelo Salup
Marcelo Salup's 30+ years career in advertising covers a wide range of everything. A wide range of roles -he began his career on the creative side, won 2 Addies, changed to media, included strategic planning and consumer insight and has been an agency owner several times. A wide range of venues: Spain, Latin America, International and the U.S.  A wide range of clients that go from automotive through banking, electronics, fast food, soft drinks and much more. His professional philosophy can be summed up in four words: “Only performance is real”. Today, he runs a successful strategic planning consulting,  Website

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