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Nokero International, a U.S. company that creates and sells environmentally friendly solar products, has brought solar light bulbs to 100 countries worldwide, so far. Company founder and inventor Steve Katsaros is the face behind the growing company, founded only last year. His goal is to take solar products worldwide, and make them accessible to even the poorest communities.

The Nokero bulb is portable, rechargeable with sunlight, and can withstand heat up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit as well as rain.

The company began selling the bulbs in bulk to vendors in June, in a package it calls the BizBox. The Bizbox comes complete with 144 solar light bulbs, 50 posters, 200 flyers and two display cases, so that vendors can immediately set up shop in their communities.

With the BizBox, Nokero hopes to spread its presence, and the use of solar energy, worldwide. And they’re starting with small business entrepreneurs such as Gonzalez.

“Having that light bulb is especially useful at night,” says Gonzalez, who sells the bulbs for 25,000 Colombian pesos, or about $13. Gonzalez says he sold eight bulbs in his first month after buying a BizBox.



Homework Helper

The bulbs light up dark paths that can be infested with snakes and other creatures.  They increase safety in small villages that are often vulnerable to crime. Children can play with the bulbs without danger, as Gonzalez often witnesses during his visits to rural areas outside of the city of  Mitu, or along the Amazon River near the city of Leticia.

But most importantly to these families, their children can finish their homework under the bulb’s glow after the sun goes down.

Tatiana Sanchez
Tatiana Sanchez
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