Lighter Fare: Netflix Date Night: Jane the Virgin
NetFlix date night

After a busy work day curl up for a good movie night.


Jane and her fiancé Michael have waited a long time for the big event wrapping up season two of Jane the Virgin—their wedding. Which may or may not happen. No spoilers here! I haven’t watched the second season’s finale yet. Allegedly, the script evoked tears from the star Gina Rodriguez. We should be in for a treat.

My preference would be for Jane to get [back] together with Rafael Solano, the rich, reformed bad boy Miami hotel owner, who also happens to be the father of Jane’s child. One could argue that my husband and Rafael (played by the very attractive Justin Baldoni) resemble one another.

Personal preference aside, I’d wager that there’s a healthy split between #TeamMichael and #TeamRafael. And I’d say chances for a botched wedding are fairly goodthis show thrives on the unexpected twist, and usually pulls it off with flair.

It’s a show that’s great because of its contradictions. Which is why my husband needs to watch it.

As newlyweds, my husband Israel and I took turns making selections for our movie nights, in order to initiate each other into the culture and lore of our families of origin. His family classics included La Bamba and Mi Familia; mine included The Princess Bride and Start the Revolution Without Me.

Fast forward several years

Fast forward several years: though circumstances have changed (ahem, three kids), we still love to curl up for a good movie night. And we get plenty of opportunity, since we’re big fans of early bedtime for our kids.

As Melinda Wenner Moyer writes for Slate, early bedtimes may benefit kids’ physical and emotional development, but the bonus for parents is undeniable: “Sipping a glass of wine in silence? Snuggling up with your spouse to watch a grown-up movie for once? It’s really quite lovely.”

Cheers to that! In order to keep this adult time lovely, and to preserve our own early bedtimes, these days we often go for a show rather than a full-length feature. And to keep it lovely rather than ugly, we’ve got to find a movie or show that we’re both likely to enjoy.

Next- Enter Netflix. In our Internet age


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