Leverage Employee Social Media Skills with Caution!



It is also wise to take advantage of organizations that have learned how to do this well. Check out Bread for the World’s guidelines  This is a nonprofit organization whose social media policies educate employees about what they stand for and help ensure that employee actions are consistent with these principles. 

If you are writing a policy remember:

  1. If a social media user is not an official company spokesperson they should add a disclaimer to this effect and state that the opinions and positions expressed are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of their company.
  2. Social media users need to respect their audience and not use ethnic slurs, personal insults or obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in the workplace.
  3. Guidelines need to address sticky issues such as whether managers should be allowed to friend their employees and vice versa.

Getting the guidelines written is only part of the process, as guidelines must be understood and accepted to be useful.

If you think your employees are not participating in social media and you do not need to do something about this, you are probably wrong.  I can almost assure you that they are indeed talking about you!

If you do not have the skill or time to do this yourself, have no fear, you can always hire a consultant (hint hint)!

What are your concerns about having employees engage in social media and how have you addressed this?  Please share your comments below or follow me on Twitter @dccTips or Facebook at dccUpdate to participate in the discussion.

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Andrea Goldberg
Andrea Goldberg, PhD, is president and founder of Digital Culture Consulting, LLC and an expert in market intelligence, social media and change leadership. She provides organizations with a holistic perspective on how to best to use insights and collaboration to improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business results.

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