Latino Guitar Virtuoso, Argentinian Born, Hernan Romero [Video]




With his combined talents of guitarist and audio engineer, he is also a highly successful and sought after producer.

Having an understanding of music production gives him a broader sense of what it takes to make music sound well in any environment and to better control his live performances. He jokes that if he had to, he would rather leave behind one of his musicians in the band and instead take an audio engineer because that can be the difference between an incredible live performance versus a very bad night.

A great audio engineer can guide the band quickly through a successful sound check giving them peace of mind to rest and just focus on what they have to do.

We talk about growing up in an era of rock and roll and metal music and being influenced by that as well. He correlates that his particular style of playing has a very percussive feel and how he once talked with Robert Trujillo, bassist of Metallica about his ability to capture the essence of a metal song in this way—In our interview, I capture a moment of him actually proving his point as he refers to it as “metal without an amp”.

One of the things that strikes me as interesting about Romero is the amount of different projects he has his guitar hands involved in.

From his own band that tours consistently, to now also having been swept up in a new exciting full orchestral band, “Strings and Air” that is touring extensively and to a third project called “Gasoline and Tequila” that is a much more laid back jamming style of jazz and flamenco, he is open to playing all kinds of venues and introducing everyone to his music.

I had the pleasure of attending his recent “Gasoline and Tequila” show in NYC which was hosted by Sofar Sounds.

If you don’t know about this musical outlet, it is literally a pop-up venue.  You don’t know where the show will be held until the day before or who will be performing until you arrive.

It is definitely a millennial style concept where the audience is asked to engage in the show and support the artists through social media channels which keeps Romero in tune with young listeners.

It’s amazing how open Romero is to all kinds of new and unique opportunities to get his music out to the listener.

Romero is off again in March to tour Mexico and promote his new EP, Sweet Suite which should be out in February.  I’m looking forward to keeping up with all of his musical projects not only because of his incredible guitar playing but also because of his ability to look forward and see new opportunities and outlets for music and how they will change the landscape of the business of music.

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Tina Trevino
Tina Trevino
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