Latino 4X Olympian Luger & the Power of Perseverance [Video]
Ruben Gonzalez Salt Lake City 2002

Latin Biz Today’s Dave Torromeo chats with Ruben Gonzalez about perseverance, mentorship and success.

I had the opportunity and the honor to sit down with Ruben Gonzalez, a four time Latino Olympian in the Luger. Ruben is a quality individual across the board and I think which plays out in our interview.
This is not just a great story about an Olympian, about a guy who admits he really didn’t  have any athletic ability, yet competed in four different Olympics and earned the respect of his peers around the world. I hope you enjoy our interview as much as I enjoyed doing it with him and meeting him.



Ruben Gonzalez and torchRuben is also an author and motivational speaker
After listening to Ruben’s remarkable inspirational story of success against all odds, people begin to believe in themselves, resulting in greater initiative and action. The more action, better sales and increased confidence. Bringing Ruben to speak to your group will be better morale and higher productivity and performance for your organization.
Visit him at: The Luge Man

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