Latina Puerto Rican Facilitates Health Services and Volunteers

Meet Jasmin Ortiz-Batir, 2019 Hispanic Woman of Distinction, Vice President and Administrator, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, Founder, I Am For You, Inc.


“I credit my grandmother for my passion to help and serve others as well as my self-discipline and relentless determination to never give up on your dreams, goals and family.”

Heading to the dentist or needing a physician is usually stressful for most people.

However, needing the service of one of these professionals when you don’t speak the same language will definitely raise anyone’s anxiety level. This true need is something that Jasmin Ortiz-Batir recognized while working with patient’s at the office of her husband, Dr. Ramón Pérez-Rosich, an oral surgeon, and in her previous position working for the Florida Department of Health (FDH).

Jasmin Ortiz BatirWhile providing health services to the patients, she recognized the need for dental and medical care for immigrant families where many of them had services rejected because of their inability to understand or communicate with the healthcare system.

Almost immediately upon seeing their plight, Jasmin felt compelled to assist these individuals in getting the help they needed.

With Jasmin’s husband sharing the same desire to serve these under-served patients, together they created the I Am For You, Inc. (IAFY). IAFY is a 501c3 non-profit organization officially founded in November 2015 in Pembroke Pines. Their mission is to provide spiritual guidance and help patients obtain the necessary medical and dental services they need..

When they started Dr. Pérez focused on screening for oral cancer while, working with Jasmin’s past work connections, the FHD provided services such as vaccinations, mammograms, STD’s and HIV/AIDS tests through their outreach program.

Some donors were eager to help in providing food assistance, while other volunteers, during the health screenings, met individually with the participants and, for those who were willing to receive, bibles were provided as well as prayers were offered to each individual.

After raising $25,000 through fundraisers, IAFY was able to purchase their first set of portable dental equipment including four dental chairs that weighed only 20 pounds each and could be carried as a backpack, three compressors and a portable x-ray machine.

Knowing that more than medical care was needed when Hurricane Maria decimated Jasmin’s native Puerto Rico, the IAFY mission collected food and the services of a charter flight and brought over more than 12,000 lbs. of food, medical supplies and generators to the island. On their return flight, they also transported those in need of urgent medical care back to Florida.

Using their portable medical equipment and working with a team of trained volunteers, IAFY has served more than 10,000 patients in need throughout Central and South Florida as well as countries such as Haiti, Honduras and Puerto Rico.

Jasmin also volunteers for His House Children’s Home, speaks at numerous retreats and is a volunteer math and reading tutor at her children’s school. The work of the mission has been the subject of numerous articles, television and radio interviews.

Jasmin and her husband are the proud parents of Gabriela, Ramon, Lucas and Isabel.

For fun, Jasmin has participated and competed well in the Statewide Body Building competitions. She and Ramón enjoy spending time with their family.

Hispanic Women of Distinction 2019

For more information, visit or 954-601-6550 or email: [email protected]

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Phyllis Cambria
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