Latina Celebrity Chef Lorena Garcia on Food, Kids, Health, Covid & Entrepreneurship [Video]
Chef Lorena Garcia cooking with a wok

In Part Two of a two-part series, Latin Biz Today’s Tina Trevino and Lorena Garcia discuss food, underserved communities and the challenges of being a Latina entrepreneur during the pandemic.

Chef Lorena understands the ability she has to make a difference. She has been working with a childhood obesity non-profit to address an epidemic of overweight kids. Many of these kids are being bullied for their appearance today and, as they get older, their health will be at risk. One formula that worked on her six-year-old nephew was having him help prepare and cook couscous with fresh garden vegetables. Lorena’s nephew enjoyed eating the food and his parents witnessed their son voluntarily eating a vegetable dish.

Lorena works with school chefs in low-income districts to create healthier versions of kid friendly meals. She identifies locally sourced vegetables and also introduces kids to gardening. As an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, Lorena’s Miami restaurant was severely impacted by the pandemic. The restaurant was closed for nine months and then reopened when allowable operating capacity was 25%. Her Las Vegas and her airport restaurants which were also closed are now beginning to operate.
Enjoy the interview!

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