Latin Biz Today Panel Explores the Restaurant Industry’s Survival- Part 2

Restaurant industry business and influencers discuss the Food Industry and Culture in the Era of COVID

Editor’s note: This is part two part series. In part 1 the panel identified key issues challenging the restaurant industry.

Chef David Burke, Tracy Nieporent and Rene Ramos explore the food industry’s response to the effects of COVID19 on food, dining out, and the culture of how we eat.     

Gathering together to relax around a table to experience fine dining, has always been one of life’s greatest pleasures. COVID19 has completely uprooted this tradition, making it all but impossible for restaurants to operating in ways that seemed normal just months ago.  As the second largest employer in the United States, the food industry is struggling to balance the shifting needs of customers, employees and their own financial insecurity during these unprecedented times.

As we enter the third phase of the pandemic, the likelihood that COVID will be around for a while has made many wonder how many restaurants might survive such a prolonged period of disruption. Meanwhile innovative food pop-ups, online take out, grocery and meal prep services have blossomed as communities rediscover everything from the revival of baking to creating elegant dining experiences at home.

Celebrated chef David Burke, Myriad Restaurant Group CMO Tracy Nieporent, and Rene Ramos, VP Field Marketing Constellation Brands, share a conversation about how COVID has effected their work, unpacking several insightful ways the food industry has responded to the pandemic’s effects on food service, dining out, and the culture of how we eat.

Restaurant owner celebrity Chef David Burke
Restaurant owner celebrity Chef David Burke

David Burke's Son Cubano in West New York
David Burke’s Son Cubano in West New York, one of his many restaurants across the country.

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