Latin Biz Today Shares Latinas’ Perspectives on International Women’s Day [Video]

A challenging world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. #choosetochallenge

How can we help forge a gender-equal world? By celebrating women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias and by taking action for equality.

Latin Biz Today’s Claudia Gioia interviews two successful Latina’s: Maria C. Villar, Global Executive Advisor SAP and Sonia Diaz, SVP Balsera Communications and President the Hispanic Public Relations Association

They share their stories of achievement, the challenges they chose to overcome, but mostly their secrets and motivations to carry through as Latina’s who have spoken up for many years with passion, commitment, and responsibility.

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Claudia Gioia
Claudia Gioia
Claudia Gioia is a growth-focused business professional with a solid record of success in turning around operations. As an entrepreneur, she sold her company to a leading multinational and joined the corporate world for 20+ years. In 2019 she founded Wenbrands Consulting to help business owners grow their bottom line by leveraging best practices. She has held positions as Latin America CEO, EVP, SVP Americas, Country Manager, Innovation and Technology Practice Chair, Global and Regional Client Leader leading multi-market teams and client work for companies such as Ford, Intel, HP, Nestle, Unilever, Danone, Sony, Accenture, Goodyear, HBO and FedEx among others. In 2018, she won the iconic Gold Stevie Awards for Woman Executive/Entrepreneur of the Year.

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