Latin Biz Today Celebrates National Wine Day [Video]

On a summery spring day Mondavi wine pairs perfectly with good food and great friends.

If you’re a wine lover like me, you certainly don’t need an official holiday to celebrate it but hosting a wine tasting party certainly isn’t a bad way to enjoy the day.

My game plan was to wrap up my workday a little early, get prepared for my event and guests, but as small business owners know, that’s not often how things work out. Which is why selecting a few additional quick, easy-to-prepare dishes is key to having a low-stress, successful party. My prep time was continually interrupted between last minute work emails, calls and cooking. Fortunately, I managed to get it all done and was finally able to relax with friends and enjoy the holiday.

Celebrating Wine Day is an a great opportunity to invite friends over who share the love of good wine. (A beautiful summery spring day helps, of course.) You can explore food pairings to compliment the wine assortment. And, to make it a bit fancy add a beautiful table flower arrangement.

Keeping it simple is easy because one of the best things to pair wine with is cheese. A cheese and cured meat charcuterie board are easy go-tos for getting the party started. There are no hard rules, it’s all about what you prefer to eat with your wines.

For this spring outdoor wine tasting, I went with two whites and one red. The unique part of our tasting was that two of the wines were bourbon barrel aged giving them a really unique flavor profile.

Watch the full video to see how our wine tasting party turned out, some of the best cheese pairings, and recipes for Baby Salad Greens with Gorgonzola & Toasted Pecans and Bacon Wrapped Dates….

Here are some unique suggestions to entertain your guests with a twist: 

  • Ask your guests to bring a bottle of their favorite wine.
  • Only taste wines from a particular country or region.
  • Start with an assortment of wine which are under $15.00 a bottle each.
  • Try a blind tasting: ask your guests to guess the region or the varietal of grape.

I’m a big fan of exploring food pairings with wine, so I added a few extra pairings to enjoy the smokiness of the bourbon barrel aging. It made for interesting food and wine combos.


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