Latin Biz Today Celebrates International Women’s Day

Here’s a sampling of dynamic women who are balancing Work Life Culture and Making a Difference!

Latin Biz Today, partner Tina Trevino sits down with health industry entrepreneur. “Today, I interview entrepreneur and owner of Pelvic Pain Relief, Isa Herrera. Her business is a branch of physical therapy that helps women’s pelvic…Read more…
Back at work catching up! Its been a great week traveling overseas, but it’s finally time…Read/watch more…
Rachel chats with Latin Biz Today’s Tina Trevino about one of the PGA of America’s diversity and inclusion programs called PGA WORKS. Rachel Melendez Mabee is the PGA WORKS Program Specialist for PGA REACH. Mabee is responsible…Read/Watch more…
Latina businesswoman with transferable marketing and strategy skills are a boon for nonprofit businesses. Anyone who knows my business background seems surprised to have heard about my involvement in the not for profit…Read more…
Michelle Martinez Reyes, chief marketing officer the business benefits of growth and diversity. Editors note: This is a multi-part video series. Part 1 Diversity business  benefits. With Greenspoon Marder’s Chief Marketing…Read/Watch more…
After creating and selling two high tech companies Maria Elena Ibanez started a successful Hispanic food specialty business. Maria Elena Ibanez often describes herself as a serial entrepreneur, and it’s easy to…Read more..
A Ph.D turned style entrepreneur’s journey from honing expertise from Argentina to California. Mara Kolesas, Ph.D. a successful fashion professional was born and raised in Argentina, She is a “style…Read more…
Lilia Rojas Latina entrepreneur and owner of La Flor de Jalisco bakery has achieved success Lilia Rojas takes an almost literal approach to running her business: the positive meaning of having her cake and…Read more…

A successful small business is rooted in a solid work-life balance…Read more…

The Rojo Way promotes healthy lifestyle- Part 2 This is the part two of two of the first in a series of articles designed to highlight Latinas and the support networks that are helping the Hispanic Community in Dallas, Texas.…Read more…

October celebrates Women in Small Business.  Lourdes Norton has been an entrepreneur for a decade. Lourdes Norton, Argentinian-American, speaks with Theresa Kushner about doing business as a Latina in America. The theme covered is …Read more…


Dr. Juan Salinas & the P’nuff Backstory Part 1 [Video]

Dr. Juan Salinas & the P’nuff Backstory Part 1 [Video]

Latin Biz Today's Tina Trevino chats with "Shark Tank" winner Dr. Juan Salinas to get the scoop on what it took to launch his P'nuff business. Editor's note: this is part one of a three part series. Want to launch your own Hispanic business? Are you aware of the...

A Latina Owned Fashion Business Finds Inspiration at the Beach

A Latina Owned Fashion Business Finds Inspiration at the Beach

Sometimes a better view makes for better business productivity. In increasing numbers, working remotely has become the norm for many business owners and employees. As a small business owner myself, I initially found it very challenging at the beginning of the...


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What Are You Really Selling?

What Are You Really Selling?

Are you missing out on sales because you are selling the wrong thing? I walked up to the counter at my favorite local coffee shop. The young girl behind the counter with a beaming smile, looks me in the eye and says. “How are you doing today?” At first I was taken...






14 Takeaways From the World of Sports Business

14 Takeaways From the World of Sports Business

Check out these quick snapshots across the sports industry in May 2022 Welcome! Well, I am apparently over my anger about the baseball lockout. Yes, I am following the game to a degree, especially because the Mets are off to a good start. The New York Yankees are also...


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