Larry Harlow’s Latin Legends with Special Guest Oscar Hernández

Rialto Center for the Arts, Atlanta,  Saturday, April 28, 2018 – 8:00 PM

For more information and tickets: Larry Harlow’s Latin Legends Band with special guest Oscar Hernandez.

Larry Harlow’s Latin Legends Band will fire up the Rialto stage for their  2017-2018 Series closing night celebration. Larry Harlow completely revolutionized what is known today as Salsa, developing the explosive trumpet/trombone sound that has come to characterize the music.

Larry Harlow's Latin Legends Band

Larry Harlow’s Latin Legends Band

Special guest Oscar Hernández, bandleader/pianist of the Grammy-winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra, includes Harlow among his musical influences.

Grammy Award winner Oscar Hernández has long been considered one of the more gifted and prominent pianist/arrangers on the contemporary Latin, Latin jazz and salsa scenes. He’s the leader of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, which has recorded six CDs to date. Their latest recording “Anniversary” celebrates the group’s 15-year anniversary.

“When Larry [Harlow] asked me to step in for him as pianist with his incredible band the Latin Legends at his upcoming concert at the Rialto Center in Atlanta, I felt honored and very excited to say the least. I feel a debt of gratitude to Larry for playing a part in my love and passion for this music, which is with me always, even more so now that I have my own band, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, a band that is steeped in the history and legacy of what our music is and which Larry is a significant part of. Thank you, Larry.” — OSCAR HERNÁNDEZ

Larry Harlow

Larry HarlowIn Afro-Latin music, few legends loom as large as Larry Harlow.

As a performer, he revolutionized the sound of salsa. As a producer, he helmed recordings that took Latin artists to new heights of commercial and artistic success.

Harlow, a trailblazer for more than 50 years, still brings the heat every time he takes the stage with his Latin Legends Band.

In 1994, Harlow teamed up with Fania All Star and bandleader Ray Barreto, vocalist Adalberto Santiago and cuatro guitar virtuoso Yomo Toro to found the Latin Legends Band with the aim of educating Latino and American youth about the music’s heritage and pioneering new ideas.


For more information and tickets: Larry Harlow’s Latin Legends Band with special guest Oscar Hernandez

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