Journey into the Mythical Forest (The Hottest Fall Colors: Oxblood Red & Deep Forest)



Hello Fashionistas,
Fall has truly arrived and as everyone is enjoying the autumn foliage this week, I will be leading us into the forest to talk about 2 of the hottest colors that you must get into your wardrobe immediately!! I’m talking about Oxblood Red and Deep Forest Green. The inspiration for these beautiful rich colors comes to us from what we are calling “Mythical Forest”. It’s a very rich, luxurious fashion story  filled with flora and fauna, intricate pattern work, jewels, lacing, draping, brocades and velvets. Think Maleficent/Game of Thrones–ish…..

Our inspirational mood board for Mythical Forest
Oxblood Red and Dark Forest Green are accented with medium berries and teals as well as light neutrals and an avocado green to keep us from getting too dark and serious
Capturing the ethereal mood…can you feel it?
So how do we translate this fashion concept for all of us who have to live in the real world and not in fairy tale forest world? I’ll show you what you can shop for to incorporate this feel into your wardrobe.

Leather pieces are a great way to capture these rich colors and I am seeing so many of them readily available. The green mini flare skirt and the bordeaux jacket have quilting details that are reminiscent of gallant knights of the middle ages. I especially love the crackled reptile feel of the dark green leather bag (and a glass of good sauvignon blanc is an even better accessory!)
Look for tapestries, florals prints on dark grounded colors, fancy laces, burn-out velvets, and fabrics with both texture and sheen to bring out your “enchanted” self. The coolest silhouettes for this story are the oversized drapey kimono jacket and the lace maxi skirt

I LOVE the oil-spill green foil print sweater paired with the floral jogger pants–what a super cool look


Colored fur, flare skirts, dip dye pleats—beautiful and luxe fabrications

Detailed jacquard patternwork—adding lurex makes it even more on trend
More rich displaysplays of these super “happening” colors–scarves, sunglasses, easy sweater cozies

Nature itself in Dusseldorf mirrors the feel of forest enchantment


A little wild forest animal inspiration at a garden shop in Dusseldorf


Enchanted displays of chocolates–mini mushrooms, flowers, leaves….


Debenham’s in London does a nice job of speaking to the Green trend influence…


…as well as the beautiful berry shades 

So now that you know about the importance of these 2 beautiful colors, get yourselves out there and find some great fall clothing and accessories that capture this trend. It looks great and it might just make you feel like an enchanted princess for the day….not a bad thing
Tina Trevino
Tina Trevino
Tina Trevino, Partner & Director of Community Relations for Latin Biz Today is President & CEO of Tocaya Design under which she does design consulting for major apparel companies as well as designs, manufactures and markets her women’s lifestyle brand, Tocaya. With 25 years of industry experience most recently as Design Director of KBL Group Intl. Ltd., she has managed large creative design teams. Trevino provides insight on upcoming fashion trends for each season collaborating with designers, merchants and product development teams to help develop brand appropriate apparel. She specializes in sweaters, knits and wovens. Having previously worked with private label brands for stores like Kohl’s, NY & Co, White House|Black Market, and Ann Taylor to name a few as well as brands like Lee jeans, Wendy Williams, Brooke Shields Timeless, Torn by Ronny Kobo, and Whitney Port, she has the ability to build brands from the design and merchandising process all the way through fitting, production, and marketing.

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