Join Me on a Jr Contemporary Fashion Shoot
Tina Trevino and fashion girls

Great fashion shoot on a beautiful summer’s day!


Hello Fashionistas,

This Friday was a day I had been expectantly looking forward to.  It was the last day of an extremely hot and sunny July and I was slated for a late afternoon outdoor fashion shoot with some young models who would help to create the sophisticated bohemian vibe of a jr./contemporary line of clothing created by my NY design team and executed by my overseas HK offices. We had been tagged to create a lifestyle collection for this brand from tops, bottoms, knits, wovens, sweaters, dresses, etc. It would be approximately 50 assorted pieces in varying color combinations, patterns, and prints.

Here I am prepping for the shoot

Tina Trevino before shoot

It was the culmination of 5 long weeks with my design team from initial conception of the new look for the brand, to creative design sketches and graphic art, to technical design packs that detail the specifics of how to make the garments. Pushing it out to the appropriate factories to get each item made up perfectly to specification—and then getting it all shipped back here by this Friday’s deadline, packing it all up to go on location for a full afternoon of putting together.  

Great looks that embody the feel of a 18 to 25 year old woman who wants to have fashion at a great price while also making this brand stand out separately from it’s main competition of high profile national and international brands as well as fast fashion staples like Forever 21 and H&M.

Our goal as a design company and manufacturer working collaboratively with the buyers and management of this jr. brand is to create an amazing outlook that their customer will have an “emotional” response to and feel like she must have.

I think our team did a phenomenal job pulling off the design work, and the “lookbook” that we will wrap up this coming week will do an even better job of illustrating this . It will help to create the beautiful mystique about the clothing and lifestyle of this girl. She is a young woman just beginning to take on the world. She is feminine and empowered and is looking for beautiful clothes at great prices that make her stand out from the crowd.

          Maxi dresses have historically been great sellers for this brand so we’re making them a bit more contemporary. Back details and mixed media with crochet create lots of visual interest


The next best thing to maxi dresses are maxi skirts. We offer them up in fun prints and provide an assortment of fun tops to pair them with to create just the perfect look for any girl from 18 to 25.


The embodiment of this age demographic. Young women just getting ready to make their way in the world.

A super casual summer look for this bohemian girl—crochet and dip-dye make a statement.

Cute fashion separates that look cool by the pool for summer.

Great summer easy tanks. Fashion that can be had at a great price.

Sweater girls!

Wrapping up the shoot with my lovely models.


I had a great day of fashion and I got a lot of feedback from the young models about what they like on the line and some of the things they don’t like. I couldn’t ask for more candid and well critiqued information—right from my targeted demographic. These ladies helped to create the images that will hopefully inspire the buying team to want to pursue our vision for their brand.  That’s a wrap!



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