Jamie Skiles on Branding, the Washington Redskins & Covid [Video]

Latin Biz Today’s Dave Torromeo chats with sports and consumer branding expert Jamie Skiles part 2

Tackling professional sports branding logos and images historical mindset to today’s social impact.

In part one Jamie shared additional insights on consumer and sports branding: Jamie Skiles on the Impact of Sports Branding- Part 1 [Video]

“Jamie is in a class of his own. It was an absolute pleasure to get to work with him. His portfolio and client base speak for themselves. His design skills and aesthetic sense are unparalleled, and he has no shortage of ideas. Unlike some creatives who cling to their ideas at all cost, Jamie is very flexible, willing to listen and adapt. He can do so because there is no scarcity with his creativity – his next big idea is always right around the corner,”   according to Matthew Welch Managing Director of Pacific Coast Consulting Group.

Eric Edelstein President at Reno Aces Baseball adds, “James was the lead designer charged with creating our Naturals branding. He was very creative, willing to edit, and ultimately delivered us a brand which is now our lifeblood.”

Perhaps Jamie sums up his philosophy best: “Our job is to give the client, not what they wanted, but what they never knew they wanted until we gave it to them.” He does this with a class and style that is unmatched…. For more  more onPhoenix Design Works

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