It’s May…Time to Bring Your A-Game to the Met Gala!

If you don’t have your outfit already planned for the big event, you still have a little time to pull it off!


Hello Fashionistas,

It’s finally May and you know what that means….it’s time to bring your A-game to the Met Gala!

Get ready to see what crazy turn the fashion world brings us with the always quirky and creative 2016 gala festivities!

This is a super heavy hitting red carpet event that doesn’t just require its attendees to wear lavish high-end designer gowns.

It requires some serious thought to looking truly unique, fashionable and artsy. It’s a brainstorming session with your designers, stylist, hair, make-up and entire fashion pit crew as to totally “working” the theme and at the same time totally outshining the competition!

It takes a lot of effort to pull this event off!

It’s a supremely fine line between being voted the best dressed attendee or landing the worst dressed award.

With this year’s theme “Manus X Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology”—there is no end to the creativity that we might see in our favorite celebrities’ outfits/costumes.

                      Fashion inspiration from the “Best Achievement in Special Effects” Oscar winner movie Ex-Machina as well as Dutch fashion designer, Iris Van Herpern.

Newest trend

One of the newest trends to hit the runways for Spring 2016 happens to be a very sleek, modern outlook with spare lines and clean silhouettes.

I expect to see take-away ideas of this outlook with cutting edge shapes, slick surfaces, sexy cut-outs, metallics, transparent fabrics, laser cut work—it sounds like a fun theme to work around.

There should be plenty of new fabrics with hi-tech performance looks and functionality to them as well.

As we see performance wear becoming more and more the staples of everyone’s everyday wardrobes—I think we can expect to see certain celebrities sporting some very “active” looks.

Design and also technology

Along with the fashion component, I think we will see designs that incorporate some element of technology to them.

Clothing that is created with high end technology–3D printed design, new performance properties to fabrics—color changing or heating/cooling, clothing that has some type of user interface to work with your smart devices.

I also wonder if we don’t see some throw-backs to technology that go back to our heritage of the early introduction to modern technology from the ‘60s and ‘70’s—more Jetson style.

And maybe even some channeling from The Fifth Element, Mad Max or Star Wars fashions that seems other worldly.

If you don’t have your outfit already planned for the big event, you still have a little time to pull it off! You’ve got plenty of ammunition now to prepare! Good Luck—the competition is going to be fierce out there!

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