It Takes Two- A Valentine’s Couples Workout

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are some easy exercises you can do at home with your loved one

Chocolates and flowers are are always great, but Valentines Day can also be about  fitness and fun…take this opportunity to share this exercise video with your mate. You’ll find working out together can be as fun and as addicting chocolate with even more health benefits!

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Susie Quintana
Susie Quintana
Susie Quintana is an enthusiastic and effective leader in Health and Wellness Learning and Lifestyle Education. She has an extensive background leading the management, coordination and promotion of health and wellness programs. Susie is also highly skilled and an experienced educational development professional in eLearning. Susie is a health coach actively running her own business, Q Movements. Q Movements provides nutrition, fitness and lifestyle balance coaching. She specializes in clients ranging 30-70 years young. Her use of technology and social media to connect with clients is a great resource and valuable tool. She loves fireworks, listening to audiobooks during her workouts and playing frisbee with her virtual dog, Stitches. Susie invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn, Q Movements website or Facebook Fan Page.

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