It Really Wasn’t So Bad Was It???????

Happy Monday Evening Fashionistas,

Well if you are reading this–I am going to assume that you survived the Monday blues and did it in style. I have to say — it really wasn’t so bad. It feels good to get back on the wagon and get back into some normal routines.

But even as a trained fashionista, the toughest part of my day was convincing myself that I needed to revert back to my 4 1/2″ stilettos. I was kind of getting used to wearing slippers for a living. I made sure to choose a comfortable set that would get me through the day….oh and the actual getting through the “work” part of the day–not too bad either:-)


A great neutral, camel colored suede stiletto with faux snakeskin stacked heel by Calvin Klein–is it time to take them off yet??

The next new challenge for this fashionista will be figuring out how to integrate the newly acquired Christmas Fit bit Flex into my wardrobe–this pink plastic band was fine for the last 1 1/2 weeks while just lounging around the house but is SO NOT going to work with my work wardrobe!!

One of these things is not like the other

I have been doing some fit bit fashion research and it seems that there is a new niche market of accessories made just for people who want to have stylish fit bit wristbands…hooray!!!

From Etsy, there are designers who have re-designed their fit bits to be just the “face” of a gold link bracelet and adorn with a mini key charm. It looks like there was some exacto knife cutting, jewelry pliers and jump rings involved with this project. Maybe I’d rate it 2 1/2 on a scale of 5 for difficulty. Just be confident when you cut!

A bit of a Victorian charm bracelet effect

To some techy, but interesting patterns for the traditional fit bit wearer……

For the true fit bit wearer

To this new line of fit bit accessories by Tory Burch….

For the “Fashionista”—yes, that would be me!
Kind of dying for the gold one for my upcoming birthday (Dave–that’s a subtle message for you! That’s how we test if he reads my blogs!!)
To the very detail oriented accessorizer who manages to chameleonize (is that a word??) her fit bit into just another bangle on her wrist
I love this idea of matching it to a set of bangles to not draw so much attention to it

Well, now that I’ve given you some options on how to wear this baby, go get one and get moving! I’m ready for a fit bit “Challenge” with any of you!!!

Tina Trevino
Tina Trevino
Tina Trevino, Partner & Director of Community Relations for Latin Biz Today is President & CEO of Tocaya Design under which she does design consulting for major apparel companies as well as designs, manufactures and markets her women’s lifestyle brand, Tocaya. With 25 years of industry experience most recently as Design Director of KBL Group Intl. Ltd., she has managed large creative design teams. Trevino provides insight on upcoming fashion trends for each season collaborating with designers, merchants and product development teams to help develop brand appropriate apparel. She specializes in sweaters, knits and wovens. Having previously worked with private label brands for stores like Kohl’s, NY & Co, White House|Black Market, and Ann Taylor to name a few as well as brands like Lee jeans, Wendy Williams, Brooke Shields Timeless, Torn by Ronny Kobo, and Whitney Port, she has the ability to build brands from the design and merchandising process all the way through fitting, production, and marketing.