Isn’t Everything Posted on the Internet True?

There are millions of options to capture advice…here are 5 best practices when giving advice. 



Editor’s note: This is Step 2 of eight steps– “Don’t try to sell over the web without offering expert advice” of How to Best Manage the Sales Process with a Google Informed Client.

Every day billions of people search on Google to ask it questions and normally there are millions of options to get advice.

But the question is: Is everything on the internet true?

According to JD Powers, up to 92% of customers are going to the internet before trying to buy from you.

Hence, having expert advice written in advance is critical for success.

But how do I get started, and what do I have to do to get started?

To be able to inform and attract customers to what you sell, one thing you need to do is begin to write articles much like this one.

Discuss what you sell, how to make the best choice and suggestions on things to consider.

The other is if the customer contacts you with questions, you must engage with them in written dialogue to really understand how you can help.

The second strategic item that is a critical best practice is offering advice and learning what your customer really wants.

Offering advice – HOW TO WRITE A BLOG

Five must things know to provide great information over the web:

1.   Answer their questions … put yourself in your customer’s shoes

What would they ask of the web if they were thinking about the product or service you have to offer?

People search on the web by asking their smartphone a question, which in turn provides a variety of choices that normally come from written articles reviews. Your blog should be full of responses to their questions, and the reviews about your business should be a compilation of positive comments about your business.

For information about how to potentially increase your positive reviews, go to, but to write those advice articles—keep reading.

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