Is Your Digital Content King or Court Jester?


So how does a content marketing strategy fit together these elements to create harmony?  

Let’s break down a basic approach into three steps:

Step 1
Once you select keywords for your website pages and weave them throughout your copy, you should optimize all your social media profiles with those terms. People will search social media using keywords and likewise, your social media profiles show up in search engines. Make it easy for your audience to find you!

Step 2
Once you create your content, don’t just hope that the search engines find it. Promote your content via social media. Create hashtags (#keywordhere) using your keyword phrases. Individual social media posts show up in search engine results so make those keywords really work for you.

Step 3
Are you sponsoring a local event or introducing a new service?

Send a press release to the local media, but also post that press release on your website and promote the event across your social media outlets using hashtags. Write a separate blog post from a different, more personal perspective, sharing why your company chose to affiliate themselves with this event or why this new service will change the world. Then start promoting that blog post.

Content marketing will most definitely broaden your audience, but take a proactive approach. Sitting passively and hoping for the search engines to magically deliver people to your website is unrealistic. It’s nice when it happens, but being proactive in promoting your content will yield quicker long-lasting results.

How are you using content marketing to take your brand and business to the next level?

In next month’s post I’ll continue to explore content marketing with specific examples of how content should be conveyed across multiple social networks.


Lisa Kaslyn
Lisa Kaslyn has served as communications counselor to business leaders and executives at both small and large corporations, including Autism on the Seas, Barnes & Noble, Canon USA, ExpertFlyer,, Kraft, Kodak, and Nielsen, among others. A former PR & Executive Communications lead for IBM, Lisa Kaslyn has worked with high level executives to help them define their message, develop compelling presentations and ensure delivery is passionate, relevant and engaging. Lisa is also a business writer and frequent speaker on a broad range of trends related to public relations and marketing communications in a search and social world. Her company, Prosper Communications, specializes in integrated search optimized communications, including PR, Social Media, Blogging, Video and other SEO and traditional Content Development strategies. Website

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