Is It Time to Reinvent Your Personal Style? [Video]

Latin Biz Today Virtual Lounge guest Tracy Gold gives style tips  and more.
As we continue to celebrate fashion and style throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, we ask personal fashion stylist and YouTube influencer, Tracy Gold to help us define our own unique style. In a group discussion with guests of different ethnicity, shape, age and gender, Tracy helps us understand how to enhance our own individual style. Tracy takes on each person’s style challenges and personal tastes and then shares some of her key styling tips.  Following Tracy’s tips, you’ll be able to  pull your look together in the way  best suited to you:
  • Acknowledging who you are and what you do at home or in business is key to finding the right blend of style that works for you.
  • Are you a boho person, a tailored and preppy person or maybe a jeans and t-shirt person?  You can actually be all 3 of these things as long as you approach each style in a way that is unique to you.
  • Finding out what the key basics are that work for you and will become your core wardrobe staples will help to create a base for your style.
  • Celebrating your body shape and what is flattering to you is important. Embracing your shape as opposed to what stores deem to be the “right” shape is the best way to approach style. Everything is not flattering to every body. 

Take a look at the  video to learn how to get out of your rut and change things up!



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Tracy Gold
Tracy Gold
A renowned personal stylist and fashion designer, Tracy Gold created the YouTube channel, Tracy Gold Fashion Tips, to advance her passion for enabling women to create their own unique style. A born entrepreneur, Tracy has enjoyed enormous success since launching her own fashion business in 2003. Literally starting by selling dresses out of the trunk of her car, Tracy now has a worldwide customer base clamoring for her next release. Capitalizing on her success with the 40+ market, she is now teaming with other fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to help them grow their brand awareness and customer base. Tracy was born in Florida, but spent most of her life in Cape Town, South Africa. She is now based in Manhattan.

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