Inside Baseball- Latino Roy Silver, VP Texas Rangers [Video]
Roy Silva, VP Texas Rangers

Latin Biz Today’s Sports lead Dave Torromeo chats with Roy Silver about what it takes to be a great coach or manager.

Roy Silver a Hispanic of Puerto Rican and Dominican decent, is somebody that I have so much in common with, from our Long Island roots to our participation in youth sports.  We even have mutual friends that have come from our sports playing days back in high school.

Roy Silver is a true gentleman and a true role model. He has influenced many people in the game of baseball and beyond over the years. Roy had a great career starting as a collegiate athlete, working his way through the minors, and then, after an injury sidelined his playing, as a coach and manager. Roy is currently in Major League Baseball, a vice president with the Texas Rangers organization, overseeing player development and we have a nice conversation about baseball, where it stands here in the US at the youth level and how it is being grown internationally, and about a new program that we’re going to be collaborating on going forward. He is also a inspiration to the Latino community.

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