I Reinvented My Life…and So Can You

As a full-time mother of two and a work-from-home entrepreneur, I know all too well what it’s like to go from the security of a steady 9-5 job to the risky undertaking of starting a self-funded business while raising a growing family. Over the last eight years, I have developed a life and business that reflects my deepest values and desires.  It’s life on my terms and serving the community through my multiple passions. The journey of how I got to where I am today began with an unexpected opportunity and several turns of reinvention.

Let’s go back to the beginning. When I was sixteen, I was scouted for modeling while working as a production assistant at a New York City jewelry showroom. Initially, I would walk the runways for designers like Tommy Hilfiger, do print work and commercials. Later, I would also take an interest in behind-the-camera work: hair/makeup styling and shoot production. These various pursuits allowed me to redesign my professional landscape, but the most transformative pivot, motherhood, caused me to evolve as a woman and as a professional.

At the time of my pregnancy with my first child, my work was still primarily rooted in modeling. My body was transforming with a growing life inside and I preparing for the next major pivot, a shift that would lead me to get my cosmetology license and establish my expertise as an educator and career development manager in the beauty industry.

My time in career management was enriching and gave me a great sense of purpose. However, being away from home, away from my young child, while wading through a complicated divorce/custody process, was something I grappled with daily. I wanted to be there for all of my daughter’s moments while also achieving financial stability. I was torn, but with the support of my loved ones and armed with my professional experience, I dove headfirst into a risky venture as a WFH online entrepreneur.

Starting down the road of online entrepreneurship (while rebuilding my personal life) was not without its challenges. At the time, I knew a bit about web design and online marketing but nothing that would constitute a thriving company right out of the gate. That said, I pressed on, bootstrapping my business along the way. Through a series of tested business concepts, passion projects, and eventually, clients, I realized my professional calling as a branding consultant and online business educator. And, in the interim, I found my life-partner and gave birth to baby-girl number two.

With my new lease on life, a multifaceted skillset, and the dedication to serve at a greater capacity, I pursued my big dreams. The result was the Nia Dara New York Brand + ndny studio Consultancy, built on the commitment to help women-led businesses find the support they need to strategically market their current company, budding startup, or side hustle. My greatest aim is to help women pursue their passions while working on their terms and creating magic in their own lives. With my holistic approach to business development, education, web design, and branding, I provide a welcoming atmosphere for new owners and existing brands to enter the marketplace and thrive.

I am a native New Yorker and a big believer in self-care; I love to run soccer drills for exercise with my hubby to keep fit. My hobbies are home decor design and making self-printed children’s books with my two girls. And, I still take on-camera modeling bookings for fun. I hope that sharing my journey inspires other mama-preneurs to manifesting their own dreams.

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Nia Dara
Nia Dara
Nia Dara runs her ndny studio, a design-centric consultancy that provides a la carte services for small businesses and personal brands. Taking her clients’ branding visions from concept to launch and distribution. Nia speaks on the topics of branding, online development, and mama-preneurship. In addition, her course, The Dream Target, has both free resources and paid membership offerings to help aspiring entrepreneurs get the tools they need to succeed.

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