How To Win Generation Z Customers




2.   The second step is to give them membership in a community where they pioneer the experience.

Think opening the shop door and then letting them take the lead in engaging. Apple is a leader in this type of membership building engagement. Their customers identify themselves as being part of the Apple community.

Apple engages them to explore their physical stores, work at the Genius Bar, shop the iTunes store and run their lives off of downloaded apps. Apple’s business model is what Generation Z was born into!

3.   A third step is to give Generation Z their voice.

They were born in a digital world of sharing their experiences online and viewing the experiences of fellow Generation Z members. Creating a path for them to amplify their sharing will keep them engaged around your business and products.

Even more so, can your business create for them added social currency? How can your business enable their posted pictures or experiences to be viewed by a larger audience of their peers?

Successfully answering those questions will push your business to loyal engagement with Generation Z. If you need a business example then think Disney, masters at engaging Generation Z around the world.

4.   Finally, the most telling step for winning Generation Z is to enable them to make an impact.

60% of them want to make a difference.  Inspire and engage them with unconventional solutions to the traditional problems they inherited. This is a generation  with a strong sense of urgency to act. Focus on their now…actions really speak louder than words to this generation.

Enable them to realize the sustainable solutions this generation seeks that are more efficient, less wasteful and have lower environmental impacts to win their loyalty and commercial transactions.

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Bill Roth
Bill Roth
Bill Roth is a nationally-recognized business coach that has successfully worked with hundreds of business owners and leaders on proven green best practices that win new customers, grow product revenues and cut costs. He brings to this coaching his past experience as a senior officer leading teams that developed the first hydrogen fueled Prius and the development of utility scale solar power plants. His best selling book The Secret Green Sauce, available on Amazon, profiles actual businesses using best practices in pricing, marketing, cost management and branding to make money and a difference. In 2020 Roth is conducting the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Green Builds Business program, sponsored by Toyota, where he will be providing free coaching to business leaders on how to use today’s exciting new clean technologies to win customers and cut costs.

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