How to Sell More Customers

STEP 4 –Examples of the Demonstration: this very powerful step can be delivered in multiple ways, depending on what you sell


Editor’s note: This is the fourth article in a series discussing a four part selling cycle that includes 1. How to Find, 2. How to Sell, 3. How to Close and 4. How to Keep more customers. This cycle includes 8 distinct major steps. We continue the series discussing step 3 of 8: How to Sell: The Presentation First two articles: How to Find: Step 1 Prospecting, Step 2– How to Sell More Customers, Step 3- Nailing The Sales Presentation

The  Demonstration

This very powerful step can be delivered in multiple ways, depending on what you sell. Here are a few examples:


  1. At the grocery store, there is often someone set-up at the end of each aisle offering a small sample of edible products. While handing out samples, they tell you how great the product is and why you should buy it. I’m sure you’ve been tempted by the taste of fudge brownies or smoked salmon and placed the item into your cart, just as I have. Each time I had no plan to buy that particular item, but I did.
  2. At the car dealer, if the salesperson is good, they will do their best to take you on a test drive to increase your desire for the new car. Just the smell of a new car can increase your desire to purchase.
  3. If you sell insurance or financial products, your demonstration is when you bring out the projection or historical tables to demonstrate what has happened in the past and what you can expect in the future, if you follow the plan or invest regularly.

The demonstration needs to be sold in the presentation.

A simple example would be when you walk into an ice cream store and they have a beautiful glass display with staff that can easily tell you about each flavor. Then after the flavor description they offer you a small taste. It’s the small taste that can close the deal.

How important is this step?

Over the years when I mention this step, salespeople will often tell me how clever they are in being able to make a sale without a demonstration. With some products, this might be possible, but in every seminar and in every industry I always ask how many pairs of shoes have you purchased without trying on first. Participants typically respond with something like, “What a ridiculous idea.” or “Of course you have to try on shoes before buying them.”

Think about how you can create more demonstrations with what you sell!

Think of what you sell and look at how you could do a better job of getting more customers involved in a demonstration. I promise it will not only increase your sales but also increase the value of what you sell – assuming what you sell is good.

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Jaime Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez
Jaime “Jim” Hernandez, is president of Strategic Business Communications, Inc. which ranked #4122 in INC magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in America. He contributes a column about marketing for Latin Business Today. A motivational speaker, marketing consultant and trainer, Jim has worked with more than 30 businesses in the U.S. and abroad. He is a member of the National Advisory Board of MYM, and has been a guest lecturer on sales and marketing at the University of San Diego.

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