How to Manage the Sales Process with a Google Informed Client




3.   Make the responses personal.

Too many organizations use an auto-responder as the solution for speed, which is not a bad idea, but then never follow up with a personal response that specifically answers the customer’s questions and needs.

4.   Develop customer response templates that can be personalized.

Web-based responses have replaced the traditional business letter in many situations, so having concise, prepared content that can be adjusted to a specific response can be a huge help to increase the speed.

5.   When responding, you have to carefully read every detail in their response.

It is much like being a careful listener, and consumers are usually frustrated by getting a response that does not deal with their needs.

Too often a website or social media page is being considered to only be a part of an advertising strategy. We treat these social tools as a one direction place to receive leads, but often do not engage them. Your website and social media leads need to be answered just like you answer the phone, greet a customer in person or respond to an email. You also have to do this immediately.

Speed of response on the web is critical for success in working with customers who contact you this way.

These speed to response steps will aid small business owners and executives regain control of the business messaging and market position.

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Jaime Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez
Jaime “Jim” Hernandez, is president of Strategic Business Communications, Inc. which ranked #4122 in INC magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in America. He contributes a column about marketing for Latin Business Today. A motivational speaker, marketing consultant and trainer, Jim has worked with more than 30 businesses in the U.S. and abroad. He is a member of the National Advisory Board of MYM, and has been a guest lecturer on sales and marketing at the University of San Diego.

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