How to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals in 2022
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When you embark on a journey to improve your health and wellness, a well thought out plan will assist you in reaching your ultimate vision.

Whatever health and fitness journey you choose to embark on, starting a weight loss, strength training, lifestyle or health improvement program can be a journey filled with many challenges. Factors such as habit changes, emotional shifts, physical soreness, and mental struggles can create an uphill battle for the average person. To achieve success, the process must be carefully laid out, monitored, and developed specifically to produce the results you desire.

Find your starting point

When you embark on a new health or fitness path, the best place for you to start is right where you are. Reflecting on your current challenges and the changes you would like to see, will allow you a clearer view of your present self. As you figure out what you want to achieve, you can begin to map out your plan, create timelines and organize your schedule. Through goal setting you can measure and celebrate your progress throughout the journey.

Starting right where you are is the best place to define the changes you’d like to see

Establish your goals

Goals such as weight loss, increased strength or improved endurance often result from a significant shift in your workout and nutrition regimen. Aim to be as specific and comprehensive as possible while developing your specific list. Have a clear layout of what factors you will measure and track, how you will measure and track them and how you will compare your progress to ensure you are where you want to be.

Schedule short term goals to meet (such as your daily workouts) and long-term goals (like where you should be in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year…) based on your ultimate fitness goal.

Develop a training schedule

Schedule your workouts like you would schedule a meeting. How long are you going to spend working out, what are you going to work on and what are the specific weights, reps, sets, etc., that you will be performing. The more specific you are the more likely you are to stay on track with your ultimate goals.

Having clear health goals will help you develop the proper nutrition and fitness routine to achieve your desired outcomes.

Ensure proper nutrition

Depending on your specific goals you will have nutritional requirements to properly fuel your training. If your goal is to gain muscle, you must track where your calories are coming from in terms of macronutrients, especially protein and intake of water and complex sugars for proper muscle energy replenishment. If you are on a weight loss journey your total caloric intake and the types of macronutrients the calories are coming from is of key importance (how many carbs, fats, and proteins).

Having clear health goals will help you develop the proper nutrition and fitness routine to achieve your desired outcomes

Track your progress

Tracking your progress is crucial in your quest to improve your physical health. Without proper tracking there is no way to measure your results and it becomes impossible to properly train for your ultimate goals. Every health goal is achieved through a specific activity and nutritional pattern, therefore tracking your activity level and intake in crucial to obtain your desired results.

Acknowledge progress

Tracking your progress will allow you the ability to make changes, as needed, and to be able to celebrate your successes as you continue the journey of improving your lifestyle and your health. Achievements are consistently made and may be celebrated every day if you plan your journey properly. When you set your goals correctly, consistently schedule your activities and are diligent in tracking your progress, there are daily milestones you can be proud of.

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