Holiday Styles- Fashion Options for Business and Leisure

Checklist, success strategy and style suggestions to make you look fabulous


Dressing for the Holidays – Life goes on

Regardless of your perspective it’s difficult to take our minds away from the election’s result and what this means for the future, for our dreams and aspirations, for our values and community.

Sitting down to write this article proved hard, but ultimately energized me by allowing me to imagine holiday gatherings as special moments to be in our communities.

This holiday season, it will be more important than ever to shine (from within AND without).

Yes, life goes on, and we should celebrate what we have accomplished, nourish the relations we hold dear, stand for what we believe in, and be our very best selves.

Holidays are coming despite the political rollercoaster, and as we get booked up with personal and professional engagements, we will start thinking about and what to wear and how to feel good. ‘We’ is all of us. But for women in particular, this feels more acute. (Note to male readers: my next article in a few weeks will be for you!)

Don’t you want the perfect outfit for every occasion?

Don’t you want to feel confident and comfortable, look fabulous and memorable, and all of this with minimum stress? (Don’t you want to suspend the outside world for a moment as well?) Who doesn’t, right?

Here you have a preliminary checklist to consider, followed by a success strategy and ideas to build your holiday outfit (and yes, feel empowered while at it!).

Preliminary Checklist

1.   Don’t overdo it

Even if Christmas is approaching, you do not have to look like a Christmas tree. A star shines more than a hundred adornments.

2.   Think context

People involved and location are key to strike the right look. Is it a family event with kids? A professional dinner? A social gathering? Where? Is there a style/dress code expectation? Will there be dancing? How’s the weather?

3.   Think comfort

You will be sitting, standing, talking, dancing, drinking and eating! Your outfit should allow you to enjoy yourself! If you are uncomfortable, you will have an awful time, PLUS, your body language will let others notice. Comfortable and fabulous are not at odds.

Next- Holiday checklist 4-5 and Success Strategy

Mara Kolesas
Mara Kolesas
Mara Kolesas, Ph.D., is a style with substance expert, based in Berkeley, CA, who provides intelligent styling for professionals. She grew up in Buenos Aires where she breathed style from an early age. She went on to a career in political science, studying for a doctorate in New York City, and later lived in Florence, Rome, Berlin and Beirut, where she pursued my two passions: she studied and promoted citizen empowerment, diversity and inclusion, and she explored small boutiques, helping friends find outfits that gave them joy and confidence. Along with her artistic eye and knowledge of fashion, she brings analytical and social expertise to a field with superficial associations. Twitter