Hispanics Have Been Making Their Mark in the US Armed Forces

Memorial Day is a time of reflection.


This Memorial Day we’re revisiting four Latin Business Today articles covering Hispanic contributions from different angles.


Inspiration – Harvard, Military & Politics

Now a US congressman from Arizona former Marine, Gallego also pushes for the success of fellow veterans. Ruben was responsible for changing Arizona law to ensure honorably discharged veterans receive in-state tuition upon their return from the military.

What is the one thing Gallego wants the state of Arizona to know?

I’m really trying my best, he says. I think a lot of times politicians fall short of expectations, but I’m always trying 100 percent.


Medal of Honor Recipients- Many Hispanics

The medal of honor award ceremony presided over by President Obama recognized 24, most of which were Hispanic.

In March 2014 Of the 24 awarded the medal of honor the three living recipients were surprised they were finally recognized.


Hispanic American Veterans

Hispanic veterans have served in every conflict since the Revolutionary War. Latino contributions increasingly enjoy mainstream recognition from the media.

Business loans and resources offer new opportunities to returning veterans.

Hispanic Veterans include Medal of Honor recipients.

Hispanic vets often transition to entrepreneurial careers.

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From Veteran to Hispanic Entrepreneur

Hispanics in Military Service

The first U.S. soldier killed in action in Iraq was a Latino. Jose Gutierrez, who arrived in this country as an undocumented child from Guatemala, hid in a train in order to cross the Mexican border into the U.S. He gave his life for his adopted country at the age of 22.

Hispanics make up a small but growing segment of the Armed Forces. In the Iraq War, many Latinos served their country with distinction. Five of the 12 soldiers who were awarded the Navy Cross were Hispanic. Hispanic Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez served as the chief of forces in Iraq for 18 months.

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