Hispanic Culture – A Special Latin Biz Today Cinco de Mayo Retrospective [Video]

Cinco de Mayo is a wonderful opportunity to share the flavors, festive hand-made crafts, traditions passed down through generations, and also celebrate Hispanic businesses. Join us as we share some of our favorite articles that highlight what makes the holiday so special.


Traditional Recipe Highlight:

A Cinco de Mayo Fiesta with Mom’s Enchiladas- Recipe [Video]

If you’re like me and in the midst of planning your Cinco de Mayo gathering this year, enchiladas are a great choice. They’re super easy to make and can feed a lot of people. Make your party planning easy with this great traditional Mexican dish.

Mom’s Enchilada Recipe


Festive Crafts Highlight:

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with DIY Piñatas [Video]

The piñata is a very well known element of Mexican culture. It’s fun and festive and many Americans are familiar with them but, truth be told, what is the history of the piñata?

Mini Party Favor Size Pinatas for Your Celebration


Party Recipe Highlight:

7-Layer Bean Dip Cups for a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta – Recipe [Video]

Cinco de Mayo is here and I have a fun, simple recipe to share with you for your fiesta.

Individual Serving Size 7 Layer Bean Dip Appetizers


Dessert Recipe Highlight:

A Refreshing Cinco de Mayo Treat: Spicy Fruit & Cotija Cheese Skewers – Recipe [Video]

If you’re hosting a festive Cinco de Mayo party, nothing beats a sweet and savory fruit mix for a treat. As a kid visiting Mexico almost every summer, I looked forward to fresh chunks of watermelon and mango. This is a super simple and refreshing healthy treat that your guests will love and also look festive at your Cinco de Mayo or summer party.

Colorful Beaded Skewers and Chunks of Juicy Fruit


How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Highlights:

5 Authentic Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo [Video]

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that celebrates the strength and resilience of Mexico by commemorating the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over the French in Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.

Today, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated all over the world with parades, festivals, folk dancing, fiestas and food. The holiday is not as widely observed throughout Mexico, although it is recognized in the town of Puebla with re-enactments that celebrate the pride and heritage of Mexico.

Colorful Papel Picadores Decorate a Street for Cinco de Mayo

New Hispanic Business Highlight:

Multicultural Hispanic Business Puts a Twist on Cinco de Mayo [Video]

Cinco de Mayo means it’s time for tacos! Check out our business highlight about 3 friends with a passion for Mexican cuisine who brainstormed some different ideas for types of restaurant or food business that they could start together and what develops.

Business Partners, Chef Aura Montoya and Greg Michelson Show us their New Restaurant,

El Taco Bar and Share Some Savory Flavors


Making the Most of Cinco de Mayo for Your Business Highlights:

5 Great Ideas to Boost Your Marketing Efforts for Cinco de Mayo

Why should your business consider celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Here are a few ways you can benefit.

How Can Your Business Make the Most of Cinco de Mayo 


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