Hispanic Business Scares Up Ghoulish Productions

Hispanic business venture brings quality Halloween masks and costumes to the U.S. market



Last year Manuel Valero was able to marry his love for his native Mexico with his new home in the United States when he and his partners launched Ghoulish Productions’ e-commerce website for U.S. customers. The site features a range of masks, costumes, accessories and makeup in time for Halloween.

The Hispanic business partnership, called GRUPO REV, has been producing quality masks for 20 years, exporting them for sale in the U.S. and other countries. “The designs are of extremely high quality and demonstrate the amazing creativity that we want to bring,” Valero says. “They are scary and fun at the same time!”




A Better Fit

REV has being doing business in the U.S. for 10 years in a wholesalers’ realm. This year marks the Hispanic business partnership’s inaugural effort to establish a warehouse and a shipping center in the U.S. for retail and wholesale sales. It came about when Lucia, Valero’s wife of three years, took a job in Atlanta, Ga., transferring the husband and wife duo from Mexico City. “We were happy living in Mexico City when my wife received an offer we couldn’t refuse. We talked about it and it made total sense for us,” he recalls.

Making the move enabled Valero to get a fresh start in a new career. After 10 years in sales in the printing industry, he was ready to explore new opportunities in a job that better fit his industrial relations degree from Universidad Iberoamericana Santa Fe in Mexico City.

When the couple arrived in Atlanta, Valero began collaborating with executive recruiting firm Aldebaran Associates International in an effort to find a career better aligned with this degree and interests. The company’s mission is “creating a world where people love what they do for living” and stood by the motto of “professional empowerment through personal enlightenment.”

And now one year after moving to the U.S. his partnership with REV was born.

While the couple is enjoying life in the U.S., Valero says they do miss their family in Mexico. “I grew up surrounded by a great family of four,” he explains. Leaving them behind was not easy.

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