Healthcare Challenges and Remedies for Small Business Owners
small business healthcare

Health care is an expense that is not viewed as critical to your daily business operations.


As any small business owner or entrepreneur knows, there is never a shortage of things ‘to do’, ‘manage’ or ‘deal with’ every single day that we pursue our passion. Some of those things we plan for, and many others, we don’t. We try our best and keep pushing forward, hoping to grow in the process and to come out ahead.

Unfortunately, one of those things we need to ‘deal with’ but rarely plan for is health care.

Why is that?

Simple: Health care is an expense that is not viewed as critical to your daily business operations.

Sure, paying for health care doesn’t turn the electricity on, it doesn’t open the doors to your shop, it doesn’t manufacture your goods, it doesn’t cook the food you serve, it doesn’t clean the office, build your website or handle your customers, BUT…


THIS is why every business owner needs to include health care in their business plans. Because we, and our businesses, depend on OUR people. We hire the best talent we can afford and the people we trust!

Often times, we hire our friends and families, because they support us personally and professionally. And, in order for them to perform at their best, like all employees, they need to be healthy and feel secure. Providing proper health care options for our people ensures their overall well-being and job performance, both of which are important to us and our businesses.

Urgent Care Centers Can Help You and Your Staff Manage Health Care Costs

Like primary care physicians and clinics, urgent care centers provide ambulatory care — acute care services on an outpatient basis, with much shorter wait times and at a fraction of the cost.

Urgent care


Average cost and service comparisons between emergency rooms and Urgent Cares in NY.

Urgent care centers serve as a bridge between the physician’s office and the ER. Many urgent cares have ancillary services like labs and imaging on site. And most urgent cares provide advanced services like suturing, casting and administration of IV fluids that would otherwise require an ER.

Small business owners can gain many advantages by educating their staff about the benefits of using urgent cares to manage their health care.

Patient convenience and preference.

Urgent care centers generally offer patient-friendly hours. Walk-ins are welcome, and waits are often shorter than at an ER. Some populations (e.g., those under 30 and those with limited access to medical insurance) are actually more likely to visit an urgent care center than a primary care physician or ER.

Next- Cost savings for patients, Cost savings for payers and Relieve ER crowding


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