Graffiti Chic: Paint With your Heart




Hello Fashionistas,

As fall and winter start to approach and everything begins to get a bit dreary, I’m going to inspire you with beautiful and vibrant graffiti images from some recent travels. Graffiti is first and foremost visually eye catching with it’s bold shapes and colors–and then as you keep looking there is usually a deeper meaning in these pieces of art that really gets you thinking about what story the artist was trying to convey. So after you’ve gotten sucked into the beauty of the art, you just keep looking, and maybe find yourself going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole!

Graffiti for it’s colors and shapes has always gone hand in hand with fashion. It usually finds itself a home in the culture of the young and alternative crowd, but it has become inspirational to mainstream fashion these days and as I’ve been doing my fall shopping, I’ve been seeing some great clothing and accessories that carry on that one of a kind special graffiti vibe.

San Francisco: Valencia Street
In the Mission district of San Fran is the wonderfully hip and bohemian Valencia Street which has a wacky array of stores from vintage clothing, books, and record stores to retro technology stores, funky clothing boutiques, to the odd retail store selling curiosities of plants, animals, and fossils–it’s quite the unusual street to meander down. Off of Valencia is a small side street (almost an alley) not open to thru traffic. This is Clarion Street and it’s literally a gallery of graffiti murals that astound you with their beautiful colors

The very cute side street, Clarion, that goes on and on forever with cool graffiti murals 


A view down the street…
Some of my favorite pieces of art on this street….
Fun hippy flowers with a very political statement. The coolest part is of this are the flowers on the bottom of the mural that travel down to the street


Topshop in London has vibrant techno fabric sweatshirts with graffiti inspired florals. Wear this with a slim techno pencil skirt in black and you have a pretty sophisticated look.


Calla flowers and cactus–evocative of a Mexican vibe.


River Island scuba dress with a feminine feel but bold graphic painted look flowers


A very sci-fi, spiritual, almost religious theme


Swirls in beautiful colors against neutral grey and black have a similar graffiti artisan meets stained-glass feel
Toughen up with tattoo, street inspired graphics
And you guys of course recognize my blog girl who I adore. She inspires me because she looks like she’s dressed for adventures yet unknown to her and has a Pandora’s box of “what”–we don’t know!!
Black and White simplistic graphics, but the content referring to war and violence couldn’t be further from “black and white”


Shoes for the season even have graffiti elements. I’ve never seen so many printed shoes!
Dusseldorf, Germany: 
The store Kulture Klub in the old part of town leads you up to it’s 3rd floor with bold verbiage and fiery graphics.
Come on up for the graffiti and the clothes!!
A paint splattered party! The feminine chiffon fabric mixed with the rib sweatshirt trims creates a sophisticated “sweatshirt”. Pair this with some jogger pants and heels and you are sophisticatedly sporty!


Oddities abound at Kulture Klub!


The message is a bit mixed


Portraits for your dining room?


A new religion….


Paris Issey Miyake storefront on Rue de Rennes showcasing similar graffiti motifs 

Camden Market-London:

This mind blowing market is all about alternative culture. Graffiti, individuality, and creativity are the norm here…

Some interesting characters that I had the pleasure to meet….



Paris, France:

Off of the tiny foodie and boutique laden street of Rue de Buci on Rue de Seine, is this cute little jewelry and accessory store
Secrets de Fille is the cutest little hide-away feminine boutique. With it’s very special pieces of jewelry–it’s a little slice of heaven on the inside and loaded with crazy graphics on the outside
Sweaty Betty’s newest line of active wear incorporating some soft graffiti prints. I felt a bit of the same soft Parisian vibe in these prints


More Sweaty Betty… a bit more edgy and rough


And more Sweaty Betty. I’m really in love with this look for my workout wear.

West Coast Customs in Corona, CA: Love this place! 

With their So-Cal vibe that infuses street style with automotive work, the graffiti has major street cred..


Their Cali headquarters


The cars are the focus but what a great graffiti background for all this custom work!!
A super loaded graffiti inspired dress. You have to really spend time looking at all of the motifs in this artwork to really appreciate what’s there….
A close-up for your viewing pleasure–cupcakes, Day of the Dead, records, butterflies, Cookie Monster, dogs, asian girls…..deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole!


And my fun leather jacket with rose graphics–tough and sweet! Yep that’s me totally!

Graffiti is such an incredible art form! With its large scale and vibrancy, it almost whacks you over the head when you see it. It speaks to us in both subtle and not so subtle ways. I think that’s what makes it so impactful on us. Keep these fun vibrant colors with you all winter when your first instinct is to wear black or grey. Grab a fun pop color or print accessory to bring a little sunshine and food for thought into your winter! And as one graffiti artist said–“Art in a frame is like an eagle in a birdcage”


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