Four Agreements to Enhance Productivity, Grow and Live By

Here are four agreements…with yourself and others.


When Don Miguel Ruiz wrote his book titled The Four Agreements, I think it would have been fair to say that he could not have imagined how profound his writings would be.

Without getting too much into the history behind the Toltec Spirit and pursuing one’s own personal path to freedom, I have outlined the Agreements and how their application many years ago still hold true today.

I have chosen to list them in order of importance to how they came into my life, how they have stayed in my life, and how they continue to repeat in my life still today. Their concepts are all very simple truths but can sometimes be very challenging to apply and maintain.

Still, we try, everyday to do our best, never making any assumptions, or taking anything personally.

Here are my personal take and impressions of the four agreements:

1. Don’t Make Assumptions

Like that old saying goes…”When you assume, you make an a*s out of you and me.”

This is so true in all aspects of life.  I can clearly recall numerous arguments I have had where what started as a simple discussion of differences evolved into outride arguments.  So much was the heated discussion that by the time we was done, we didn’t even recall what the original fight was even about.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It could have been something as small as a compliment made to you where you felt the tone was not to your liking and so you “assumed” it was meant as a “dig”.  Instead, look to the light and don’t allow negative thoughts and self -doubt to make more out of things. Always remember to ask clarifying questions before just assuming.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally.

Taking things personally may sound a lot like making assumptions, but it is different.

Remember, the danger in taking things personally is that when you do this you bring attention to yourself…good attention as well as bad attention.  The thought that the world revolves around you and that everyone and everything has to do with you can be very exhausting.

The moment in life when you realize how small and insignificant, yet how valuable we each are in this great big world is the day you begin to find the “why” behind your worth.  As Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

So when you hear a statement that feels like something “personal”, take a moment and a breath, step back and pause.  It was probably not meant for you.

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Josi Gago
Josi Gago…Traveling Her Yellow Brick Road was born in Coral Gables, Florida to Cuban parents with roots from Spain and Morocco. Living in Haiti as a child was one of her most memorable experiences but returning to South Florida as a teenager, getting married and having 4 children was one of the most fulfilling. During her 25-year “corporate grind” in banking she found herself often lost in her work and saw marriage of 24 years gone. She also found that toxic relationships kill from the inside out and decided to make margaritas out of lemons. She worked on herself teaching yoga/meditation and even owned a juice bar for a while. Today she has 4 amazing adult children, has returned to corporate banking (on her terms) and is a happy empty nester with a cat named Sir Harry.