Formulating a Small Business Social Media Strategy



Find ways in which your business can be more responsive

Find ways in which your business can be more responsive, and that will most certainly garner goodwill and customer loyalty.

Listen to people who are dissatisfied with your competitors – these folks are prime for conversion.  Being responsive can lead to positive customer testimonials – think of the effect it can have on customer generated reviews and conversion is huge from positive customer feedback – 79% of consumers testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating (Social Fresh).

Another important aspect is to identify who the strong social influencers are in your business sector, are they bloggers that your customers read and people who have many engaged followers, follow them and start building a rapport. Comment and share their content when it makes sense. Having their endorsement could be a huge win and you can’t pay for that kind of advertising.

When formulating your social media strategy, understand that social is a fast moving and fluid business – things we could only imagine doing last year are here to stay. Get to know your target and your potential target, figure out what platforms they prefer and ways to engage and connect with them, and above all don’t forget to continually listen and adjust your tactics.

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Maria Botta
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