For Small Business IT Is A Vital Agenda
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A small business must keep up with changing IT technology to remain competitive


Even though rapid technology change isn’t anything new (one can go back to the start of the industrial revolution to see how each generation of disruptive technologies has changed the world), many small business owners and IT executives fail to keep up with it. They would be wise to do so, however, because they have to provide the leadership for their organizations to create and execute a disruptive-technology agenda for the next decade or more.

Disruptive Companies

At the start of the 20th century, Henry Ford transformed the automobile industry by introducing the assembly line and standardizing Model T car options (i.e., “You can have any color car as long as it’s black.”). With his new production model, he improved worker productivity by almost 90 percent in six years. Output in 10 years surged from under 50,000 cars to more than 1 million cars and an industry was truly born. His disruptive technology changed manufacturing forever.

More recently, companies such as eBay, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have impacted the way people work and the productivity gains have been enormous. Microsoft, for example, forged a whole industry of productivity tools that has empowered users to create their own documents, presentations and spreadsheets. It also made email a business-critical communications method.

Google wasn’t the first in the search-engine market place, but it certainly is now. As a result, the use of the Google is a market standard has improved productivity for all knowledge workers. It’s also driving disruptive technologies in search, mobile operating systems and driverless cars. And much like Microsoft and Google, eBay and Facebook have changed the way people communicate and work.




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