For Entrepreneur Latin Heritage Is in the Cards

Latin Heritage Cards provide entertainment and education in one deck


A good business plan generally begins with a desire to meet an unmet need. That’s exactly what happened when the son of a Dominican mother and a Haitian father, who was raised primarily in the Haitian culture, had a desire to learn more about his mother’s ethnic roots. What Newton Paul noticed was a dearth of Latin history information on the shelves of national bookstores.

The New York state resident says he spent a lot of time in the national bookstore chains. “They had maybe one huge shelf—and I’m not talking about the whole shelf but two rows of Latin information and it wasn’t historical,” Paul explains. “It was more those Latin fiction books about relationships and that type of thing. I started to research.”

His research didn’t net any real results. He and his brother, Andre, decided to educate people on the Latin culture. That’s when Latin Heritage Cards was born. The playing cards feature prominent Latino historical figures like Cuban poet Jose Marti and Puerto Rican-born U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Maria Sotomayor. Future sets of the cards will expand beyond just people.

“We want to eventually evolve the product to people, places and things so that way you’re just not looking at just the historical figures but also delving into the economics, their currency, different types of foods based on different ethnic groups within the Latin culture,” the 38-year-old says. His future plan is to also develop PowerPoint presentations for schools.

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