Five Ways to Re-invent and/or Boost Your Business

4. No Man Is an Island. No Business Is Either 

I know it’s competitive out there and we tend to focus on the business and the bottom line.

Also essential, however, is networking with others.  Your business needs to create a strong presence both in your industry and in your community. You will have access to more opportunities, clients and credibility if you are part of certain local and national organizations.

Take for instance, your local Chamber of Commerce.   Their logo can be displayed on you material/website and carries a lot of clout with the public.

These organizations/groups need you as much as you need them, so take advantage of their events and resources.

Reach out to some on Facebook and other social media outlets also.   Other like-minded people will post and offer suggestions that may just solve your issue and give you a well-needed boost.

Not to mention they also offer a way to list your business in their directory – free advertisement.  Some 80% of my business comes from the organizations I am a part of.   It’s a win, win I promise!

5. The World- Wide Web is Your Oyster

There is no mistaking that the world’s technology has advanced to the point where your business needs to be a part of it.

If you haven’t done so already, having a good website with a business specific email is needed as a part of your re-invention. A simple site can offer a cheaper way to do this.

Apps such as Nextdoor and Yelp also allow you to put your info out there in your local community.  This can be done for free but if you need some help and have some budget to puts towards it, then branding and business solution sites such as Constant Contact and Google Business can help.

All of these sites have different levels of participation but can be started for free.

As you work on you consistent presence, the search engines will start to show you when clients do those initial searches.  Don’t forget a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. account as well.  Clients need to have an abundance of avenues to get to you.

These are only a few ways to re-invent or boost your business.

Like I said there is no one size fits all approach. You are unique. So start small and do your homework. Reading this article already shows that you are committed to stay vital and to do what it takes to keep it going.  So stay open and follow the crumbs online and otherwise.  Forward motion is necessary for survival.  Stay tuned for other articles that will re-visit this in the future.   Good Luck !!

These recommendations website, app and other are based on the author’s anecdotal experience and do not constitute endorsements of Latin Business Today.

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Candy Ibarra
Candy Ibarra
Candy Ibarra is a Mexican-American award-winning producer, actress, singer and activist. She is the founder and CEO of Latina Enterprises, Inc. a media and language company with over 20 years of success in the entertainment industry. She has produced award-winning film and Televison hits such as Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy and most recently the John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons Road to Broadway. As an actress, her credits include the Incredibles 2 , Oceans 8 and The Greatest Showman. She was a part of 2019 PGA's Diversity Workshop and is honored to hold membership in The Academy of Arts and Television Sciences , SAG-AFTRA , Film Independent, the Sundance Institute, NALIP and Women in Film. She remains passionate in supporting various political and creative projects that uplift the Latino community

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