Five Tips for Creating Motivated Employees



4. Understand different modes of productivity

—People from different cultural backgrounds tend to approach work and time management differently. For instance, while mainstream American and Euro-centric societies value scheduled productivity as important, people from Latino, African, South Asian or other cultures see maintaining human connection as more important.

If you have many employees with this mindset, you may have to develop a work schedule that utilizes a more person-centric philosophy. It will be slightly more chaotic, but remember that productive workers are happy workers, which may improve and your business.

5. Meet regularly to discuss employee career paths—

This is often difficult for managers who seek to keep business running the way it currently is. However, people want to know that their work is going to be rewarded with increased career growth. Discuss with your employees potential options for advancement within the company and keep an open mind with regard to your employees’ goals.

Increased Diversity Often Equals Improved Productivity
As the workplace becomes more diverse, questions of how to motivate employees take front and center. This is a lesson that Hispanic business professionals in particular have a unique opportunity to answer in the office. Latino business managers have a more innate sense that work isn’t just about products and services—it is about people getting together to make things happen.

Office culture plays a huge role in motivating employees, which in turn helps drive success. By improving the culture to include everyone in the office, a company can enjoy improved productivity.

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