Five Considerations for Small Business Owners

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As small business owners, we’re unique in that we wear more hats than most when managing our professional lives…so many that we could easily open a well-stocked hat shop given the multitude of tasks at hand!  However, don’t let those hats deter you. Use them to guide you in minimizing your challenges, freeing time to grow your business.

Here are the five considerations for small business owners:

  1. Customers expect the retail consumer experience:

There are rapid changes in customer expectations which are increasingly driven by the innovative and seamless delivery we all consume from mammoth companies such as Amazon, Google, Walmart, and Apple. These giant companies offer consumers competitive products at the right price, but even more so, they have changed ‘the norm’ in terms of what your own customers expect from you – fast, easy, seamless service and delivery.

  1. Technology can help you to market, organize, and perhaps even be the product you sell:

The advances in technology and ease of use has helped many small businesses market themselves more effectively, digitally track interested customers and manage business in a more productive ‘digital first’ manner. Some companies even provide technology as a product. There is no limit to how you can use technology.

  1. Business is dependent on having the right people, process, and technology in place:

While small business owners may run a ‘tight shop’ with few people, it is important to consider having the right process and technology in place to support your lean operations. There is no business without people and ensuring the right structures are in place to allow your people to succeed is as important as caring for your customers. Make the proper investments in your people and empower them with the right training and technology that will make them feel and be productive.

  1. Innovation is a mindset that can help to transform your operations:

Innovation is usually associated with new products or technology. However, innovative thinking is all about changing the way you view things. For small business owners, this can be changing the way you process documents, changing the way you service a customer, or changing the way you think about attracting new customers. Innovation is a mindset for continuously challenging the status quo in hopes of having your business run optimally

  1. Technology is only as good as its user:

There are a host of digital tools and platforms to help us, but sometimes these tools don’t serve us well. A tool is only as good as its user and the processes and policies put in place to support the user. As the old adage goes “practice makes perfect”, so we should expect that businesses, which are run by people, will need to practice consciousness and awareness of daily business behaviors in order to improve their habits and to perfect them.

A tool for digital transformation 

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Document Management –Manage information in the Cloud
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Simple, re-useable electronic workflow | Business rules for document process automation | Reporting and performance analysis

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Security & LicensingContent security model with permissions by roles
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Cloud PlatformDeployment in days, not months
Little IT support and training needed | Faster deployment and product enhancements | Scalability in users, space, and business solutions

IntegrationConnectors to key line-of-business applications
DocuSign® connector for digital signature | Connect to CRM, ERP, finance applications | Integration with email, directory services

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