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A New Approach: Providing Demanding Consumers Choices in Product and Customer Service

Beyond this scope of limited product assortments, Americans are not only demanding more choices in product, they are demanding easier and more convenient ways to shop. I have recently been able to work with such on-line giants like Amazon and HSN.

These companies are at the forefront of digital technology and combining it with apparel to create easy, seamless, pleasant shopping experiences for their customers all from the comfort of wherever one might be–at home, commuting, vacationing, work, even being at your beck and call 24 hours a day for a stressful last minute gift decision.

Amazon by analyzing the amount of searches and hits for particular key phrases can tell what niches of product they should be looking to fill. From there, they reach out to appropriate manufacturers to fill in the blanks.

They have the ability to truly experiment with range of product and raising price points so that a better product can be made. And as I am just scratching the surface, there are also initiatives which I am just learning about which have already been successful for other major brands in what Amazon calls “portals” to help support selling of your own brand directly through Amazon’s technology. Hopefully, I will be learning more about this.

HSN which may seem like an old fashioned company that is solely a television shopping experience is not your mother’s shopping experience! They are leading up technology, creativity of product, fun and engaging shopping experiences, gaming, etc.

It is unbelievable what they are doing. Every time there is a new way for customers to experience new apps, new technology–they are on it already knowing they need to build around it. Customers no longer need to be glued to a TV to make purchases.

HSN’s digital customer growth is explosive and they are moving the needle to gain a younger customer base. They can experiment with variety of product. Their teams are progressive and their excitement about technological challenges is so inspiring. I have some initiatives here as well which I hope to solidify soon and be able to share more with you!

Opportunities for businesses to step up and create their own destiny. Digital media outlets provide growth opportunities for more manufacturers to be supported. They welcome creativity and are willing to take risks with new products. They are diligent in trying to create loyal customers by empowering them and engaging them.

The excitement that these types of new digital business formats have generated and the potential for new opportunities for everyone to experiment with are limitless. These companies want to push the envelope and are challenging companies like mine to be ultra creative in product content, innovative in merchandising concept, and welcome the collaboration of ideas. I can’t wait to see where it takes me next. Stay tuned!

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Tina Trevino
Tina Trevino, Partner & Director of Community Relations for Latin Biz Today is President & CEO of Tocaya Design under which she does design consulting for major apparel companies as well as designs, manufactures and markets her women’s lifestyle brand, Tocaya. With 25 years of industry experience most recently as Design Director of KBL Group Intl. Ltd., she has managed large creative design teams. Trevino provides insight on upcoming fashion trends for each season collaborating with designers, merchants and product development teams to help develop brand appropriate apparel. She specializes in sweaters, knits and wovens. Having previously worked with private label brands for stores like Kohl’s, NY & Co, White House|Black Market, and Ann Taylor to name a few as well as brands like Lee jeans, Wendy Williams, Brooke Shields Timeless, Torn by Ronny Kobo, and Whitney Port, she has the ability to build brands from the design and merchandising process all the way through fitting, production, and marketing.