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“Everyday People, Make the World Go Round” Spotlight:

Name: Rebeca Torres-Maysonet
Title: Chief Co-Founding Parent
A/K/A: Stay at Home Mom – “Mama”
City Where You Live:  Orlando, Florida

When asked to be featured as an individual that contributes to the economy and makes a difference in the world, my initial thought was, “but I am stay at home mom.” Then, I realized how I was trying to undermine my complex role of Chief Co-Founding Parent. First let me just say, I completely ignored the questionnaire. There are no set hours to this job, there are no days off, no sick leave, and well, there is no pay check. That is, if you are considering monetary compensation as the only valuable composition. There is no 9 to 5 here, there is 24/7 and 365 duty and service.


My back story

As background, I have never been a fan of labels, as I have struggled most of my life with defining myself solely under one “label” alone. For starters, while I was born in Puerto Rico and spent the first few years of my life there, I have spent the majority of my life in Florida. Thus, I am not really a native of Puerto Rico or Florida. I lived what most would call a happy, healthy and privileged childhood. As for my aspirations, I knew I always wanted to help others. And as for what I wanted to be when I “grew up”,

I wanted to be an environmental lawyer. I wanted to fight to save and protect our planet. I was always involved in volunteering for non-profit organizations like Kids in Distress, Special Olympics, Women in Distress, and many others. In fact, my amazing and dedicated mother belonged to ADP, Asociacion de Damas Puertorriquenas.  With their help, I founded Associacion de Jovenes Puertorriquenas.

We performed volunteer work with many of those same aforementioned non-profits, as well as helped to raise funds for scholarships for Puerto Rican youth.

A life changing time

When I was about 16, my extraordinary and hard working dad fell ill. He was diagnosed with cancer when he was merely 57 years old. He was looking forward to retiring at that time. Instead, he passed away 5 years after the diagnosis at the age of 62. This changed my life entirely. I lost focus. I left home at 18 years old, decided not to take school seriously, and did a lot of soul searching. But with some luck, all of the wrong turns led me to the right place – to fall in love with the “girl next door.”

Those of you that know my wife, Myrna, know how amazing and accomplished she is all around.  She is a go-getter and she set me straight…as she does with everyone! But, as I promised when given this opportunity, I won’t make this about Myrna.  She is an attorney and has had many awards and recognition, this one is about me.

Chief Co-Founding Parent

Now, more about me. I have the tendency to stay in the background. I try to find ways of how to not make it about me. Yet, here I am writing about me. Today, I am a stay at home mom.  A mother two twins and better put, Chief Co-Founding Parent. I could not have chosen a better, more rewarding role or profession.

Yes, it is not what I had planned at all. Even though sometimes, I do feel like I am saving the world, and protecting the planet on a daily basis.

I have certainly mastered the role of multi-asking. I can pay our bills, answer emails, text my village, (which consist of amazing family and friends), shower, brush my teeth, tend to the garden, cook dinner, find ways to be actively involved in our community, and try to save the world all at the same time. Well, maybe not fully, but I try.

Truth is, my soul searching led me to my partner in life. Through lots of love, a loss and a double miracle, we have a happy little perfectly, imperfect family. Our family consists of two little rays of sunshine, our twins, Emma and Grace.

I am so grateful for all the wrong turns that led me to this right place. For them, I have become a jack of all trades and a master of LOVE. I could not love the every day chaos of being a home maker for my family, and raising twins any more if I tried. I go crazy hearing the word “mama” a gazillion times a day, times two. But my heart melts two times folds when I get double the hugs, double the cuddles and double the love.

I contribute to the world by putting everything I have into my family, into making sure our home is full of love.  Every chance we get, we spread our love to the world.

I am raising two little human beings, trying to teach them gratitude, to be kind and giving to others, and to see all things through the eyes of love. This is no easy task. Trying to teach them that in order to be a productive human being, one must not waste time trying to fit a mold, or define oneself or limit oneself within a label.

Children are our future and thus our legacy

Losing someone you love early in life makes you realize that every day is a gift. Losing a parent early in life highlights the importance of being a good parent/mentor for however long you have. Children are our future and thus our legacy.

My dad was a respected and dedicated professional, but what he left behind wasn’t his title. He left behind his loving family, his legacy, children, and he lives on through us. We try to learn from his accomplishments and his mistakes, even in his absence. I remember his last words to me where, “people will judge you constantly…all you can do is work double as hard to be good and do good.”

Now, what do I want my kids to be when they “grow-up is, simple. I want for them what their grandfather wanted for me, to do good and be good, and above all to be….HAPPY!

From my heart to yours and respectfully, Rebecca Torres-Maysonet, Chief Co-Founding Parent


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