Everyday People, Make the World Go Round – Elizabeth Figueroa [Video]

Typically this time of the year is what we all refer to as “tax season” and everyone is in a mad scramble to get their tax documents pulled together, making sure they have everything filed before April 15th. This year things will be a little different when it comes to filing your tax returns due to the disruption created by the coronavirus. The federal government has granted us an extension until July 15th which will definitely help those who have been negatively impacted financially, families who are dealing with health issues due to the virus and first responders who are busy aiding those in need.

Accountants would traditionally be completing everyone’s tax returns right now and some still are, but accountants are also part of our work force whom are just as concerned about their families’ health and well being, their personal job stability, and getting back to some sort of new normal.

Elizabeth Figueroa is a Senior Tax Professional at Daszkal Bolton in southern Florida. She shares what’s happening with her company, in her personal life and some of her thoughts on how her company and others will move forward from here.

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