Employees Are Your Most Valuable Assets
small business employees

Creating a solid fringe benefit program for your employees will build value for them and for your small business.


As they say, it’s the little things that matter

If your employees are your bread and butter, don’t skimp on the fringe benefits that keep them happy and loyal. Even small gestures like a free sodas in the fridge or a meal here and there can go a long way towards making employees feel valued.

Many companies don’t recognize the true value of fringe benefits like free meals and employee outings:

  • Employees are likely your greatest asset, and even small fringe benefits can go a long way towards building loyalty and maintaining morale.
  • Many fringe benefits such as meals and snacks are 100% deductible, and therefore cost very little to the company overall.
  • Fringe benefits can help define a company’s culture and contribute to making your business a great place to work for the long term.


When budgets are tight, many times the first things to go are the extras for employees – holiday parties, snacks in the kitchen, company meals, etc. But what companies don’t realize is that these fringe benefits add significant intangible value which often far outweighs their cost.

By cutting fringe benefits, your company could be putting its greatest asset in jeopardy: its employees.

As the saying goes, it’s the little things that count.

This holds true not just in personal relationships, but also in professional ones. Employee fringe benefits contribute to building strong relationships with employees, and at the same time do not come at a great cost to the employer.

In fact, studies have shown that fringe benefits are often even more memorable (and appreciated) than cash bonuses or high salaries – at very little cost to the business, these benefits can become the foundation of your company’s culture.

Office Meals

When things get busy and employees are working through lunch or dinner, meals in the office are a great fringe benefit that can go a very long way – and they’re 100% tax deductible.

Likewise, making snack foods or beverages available is also 100% deductible and very much appreciated by the employees. (Ever talk to someone who works at a big technology company like Google or Microsoft? Guaranteed one of the first benefits they’ll mention is the free soda and food.)

Annual holiday party

An annual holiday party is another highlight for many employees, and a great morale builder at the end of the year. Under certain IRS guidelines, it is not taxable to the employee and will bring the entire company together.

Company outings

Similarly, company outings throughout the year also contribute hugely to employee morale, and if done with a charitable cause in mind, can also benefit the business’s PR.

Perhaps you send a couple foursomes to a charity golf tournament, volunteer together at a local food kitchen, or even just bring the team to professional sports event. Any outing like this will build value and make for happy employees.

Conferences and seminars

Conferences and seminars – while sometimes costly – can offer multiple benefits to the employer as well. Not only do they build employee value through education, but they also build the employee relationship.

When an employee sees that the employer is investing in them, they feel valued and appreciated. And appreciated employees want to stay where they are for the long term.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Other excellent fringe benefits might include gift cards, taking employees out to dinner or lunch, establishment of a recreational company sports team, or many other ideas.

But large or small, all fringe benefits have one thing in common: if structured properly, they can go a very long way toward building employee satisfaction and safeguarding your greatest asset.

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