Electric Cars Are Your Next Hot Consumer Electronic Purchase




GM Chevy Bolt Breaks Electric Car Barriers

The GM Chevy Bolt is the first breakthrough electric car.

It is affordable, has a 238-mile range on a full battery charge, seats four in contour seats, comes with a digital display that rivals your iPad and is fast!

The Bolt won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year because it is a game changer. I drove one over a mountain range separating Oceanside California and Palm Desert.

No other electric car other than the $100,000 Tesla S could have done that. Importantly, the wonderfully equipped Bolt I was test driving costed $30,000 after tax rebates.

The Bolt is the best commuter vehicle sold in America. At 75 cents per gasoline gallon equivalent, no combustion engine car can touch it on fuel costs.

You can drive the Bolt using just the accelerator thanks to the vehicle’s smart regenerative braking system. That sounds crazy, but after five minutes it becomes second nature. This system is a tension-reducing miracle for rush hour driving.

When traffic congestion finally opens up, one touch of accelerator will push you forward at the speed of electrons.

Importantly, the Bolt is the first affordable solution to range anxiety. Most commuters will drive all week on a full battery charge.

A Level Two home recharger will fill the battery overnight. For longer trips, the Bolt comes equipped to handle DC charging.

I added 90 miles of range in around 30 minutes at one of California’s numerous public DC recharging stations.

Nissan Leaf Is An Affordable Electric Car Choice

When I first drove the Nissan Leaf in 2011 it was a technology breakthrough.

I loved everything about the car except its approximately 60 mile driving range. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that I had enough electricity for that day’s driving, I was constantly worrying about running out of energy.

Today, the Nissan Leaf has a 100+ mile range. Each night, a Leaf owner can plug in their car and then drive three times the average daily commute the next morning.

The Nissan Leaf is no longer the single option for electric vehicles with a 100-mile full battery driving range. There are now eight vehicles with this capability. They range from a small SUV to a BMW.

Your Electric Car Future

Most of us are still not ready to buy an electric car. That might change with the launch of the Tesla Model 3. It has the Tesla S sexy design, a 200+ mile driving range and will cost around $30,000 after tax rebates. 600,000 Tesla 3s have been pre-ordered before the first test drive.

That scale of sales success will be a game changer for how America views electric cars. It holds the potential of demonstrating that electric cars are affordable, fast, fun and cool. The Tesla 3 could be what the iPhone was to Nokia.

It could be the first car you buy designed as a consumer electronic device!

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Electric Cars Are Your Next Hot Consumer Electronic Purchase

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