Do You Believe In Facebook?





3.  Use of video

Adding a series of interesting short videos for your consumer will be helpful in developing a following.

These must be informative and provide real value to help consumers learn more about what you have to offer, and not just a series of advertisements. These do not have to be full production, high quality videos – in fact, if they are not, it is even better.

Because of today’s accessible technology, I know of several businesses that simply record on their iPhone or Android device. They enhance recording with some microphone devices, a tripod, or use editing software to improve the overall video.

Here are some examples of videos that work:

  • A painter that shows you how to do it yourself without hiring them.
  • An auto service shop that shows you what you need to do to winterize your own car.
  • A real estate professional who post videos on how to pay off your mortgage faster.

The content must HELP the consumer be better educated on how to make the right decision.

4.  You need the participation of all of your sales team, and for that matter, your entire staff.

I know a motorcycle company that posts the delivery of every new bike to a customer, and tags the customer in the process of doing so.

Each salesperson is responsible to take a customer picture and then with their permission, tag them on the company page, who in the process is congratulating them for their purchase decision. When they tag the customer, the friends of the customer will now see it and either like or comment with additional congratulations.

Let me give you the simple math:

            10 salespeople post 15 customer deliveries each month, and then on average each one of their customers have 5 friends who either like or comment on the post: 10 X 15 X 5 = 750 customer engagements with friends of your customers

5.  Can’t I just pay for ads on Facebook?

You can pay for ads, but it will still require work.

Pay-per-click or paid ads are effective, however you need to have a budget in mind and you must be prepared to manage and respond to those leads while tracking if you are getting the right return from the leads.

You could actually click your way out of business!

We worked with a product-based business who relied on pay-per-click to drive leads, however as they paid for ads and key words, they lost money each time they sold something. The customer activity as they drove leads caused them to spend more than they were making on each sale.

If you do pay for ads, your response to these leads must be perfect.

We have recently mystery shopped companies who pay for customers to go onto their site and make requests about what they sell.  In some cases, up to 25% of requests received no response at all. This is the equivalent of posting ads for customers to come to your business, and 25% of the time you ignore them completely.

Facebook and other forms of social media are effective, but don’t expect them to magically work, and don’t compare them to other forms of advertising like TV, radio, and print.

The big difference is that these social media platforms will require you to actually put in work and will require your staff to participate in their success.

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